Methane Sensing Solutions for Oil & Gas

When it comes to the production of oil and natural gas, Quanta3 believes it should be leak free. It makes your production more profitable, safe, and environmentally responsible.         


Our laser based sensor systems are keeping an eye on your infrastructure 24/7, so you know if it is time to tighten the bolts, exchange failing equipment, or simply alert your on-site staff and mitigate associated risks.


Intelligently designed, our systems connect to the cloud and alert you wherever you are and provide a direct insight of what is going on without you being there. Streamlined connectivity allows you to page your go team. You know when leaks are fixed before they even get a chance to report back to you. All the while you already have the reporting automatically logged.

    •    High precision and specificity

    •    Field calibration free

    •    Solar Powered

    •    Easy on/off operation

    •    Long operational life (+5 years)

    •    Low maintenance

    •    No mechanical pumps

    •    Independently tested & verified

    •    Fully weatherized

Low Cost


& Cloud


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24 / 7 / 365

Continuous Monitoring

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