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Our team consists of innovators and reputable leaders in laser based sensing applications. We have decades of combined experience proven by our extensive publication record on research sponsored by NSF, NOAA, and NASA. For many years we have spearheaded the research community by developing the worlds most sensitive and accurate laser based measurement systems for airborne research.


Now our expertise is applied directly to commercial high sensitivity and low cost systems. 


Quanta3 was founded in 2014 and won the EDF Methane Detector Challenge, which included rigorous independent testing by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). 


We have partnered with industry leaders Equinor and Shell successfully piloting our technology for over 2 years on producing well pads in Texas and Alberta, Canada. Our products are ready for custom industrial integration, and offer fully autonomous, continuous methane emission monitoring, starting at $3,000 per year. 

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