Methane Emissions

Leak Location

Baseline & History


Custom Alarms

Field Calibration Free

Cloud Monitored


Security Camera

Solar Powered

Automated Reports

Wind Speed and Direction

Long Maintenance Free Operation (1-2 yrs)

Fully Weatherized

General Specifications

    •    Precision: < 50 ppbv @ 1Hz (<20 ppbv typical)

    •    Data Rate: 1 Hz

    •    Power Consumption: 12 W (incl. modem)

    •    Online: -20C..+45C Ambient

    •    Standby: -30C..+50C Ambient

    •    Size: 14in x 12in x 7in (Sensor)

    •    Maximum Wind: 100 mph 

    •    Solid-state memory for continuous recording (5yrs)

How we work for you

Location: Tell us the GPS coordinates of your assets and we compile a preliminary assessment including Satellite images, or you can send us a general plot plan and logistical preferences.

We take a look at the optimal power solution for the location and design your system with redundant power, no matter what weather or season. 

Every site is different, every location is different, and every customer is unique. We configure our modular methane sensing system to optimally suit your needs and requirements.

We provide you a quote and standard terms. Once we receive you order your custom methane sensor solution will be assembled and shipped to your field office closest to your assets.

Our complete system ships to your field office and can be transported to your site by a pickup truck. Our lightweight truss system, solar system, and methane sensing assembly snaps into place. It is easier to assemble than an Ikea bookshelf and only requires a hammer. 


Once assembled and placed at the recommended location, flip the power switch. That’s it - you are done. The whole set-up is very easy, but we can also install it for you or work with your preferred sub-contractor.

The sensor will automatically establish a secure connection to the cloud and start measuring and monitoring your assets. Multiple units may be deployed per site for larger or unique assets. All monitoring functions are now remotely controlled and tracked. If the system detects leaks or an increase of emissions, the system alerts your designated POC. If a sensor maintenance is needed we will notify you. Just be patient, it may take up to two years before a simple maintenance is required. Our sensors are designed to operate a minimum of 5 years - that is 157,680,000 measurements!

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